Turkish Weddings

Vienna, Austria

Turkish Weddings: A Two-Day Celebration of Love and Culture

Turkish weddings are renowned for their vibrancy, tradition, and the sheer joy they bring to everyone involved. We recently had the privilege of experiencing a Turkish wedding in its full glory, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Spread over two days, each moment was a blend of culture, love, and celebration.

Day 1: The Elegance of Vienna and the Joy of Henna Night

Our journey began in the picturesque settings of Schönbrunn, Vienna, where we had a couple shoot. The bride, adorned in a stunning red dress, was the epitome of elegance and grace. The backdrop of Schönbrunn added a touch of royal charm to their photographs, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

As evening fell, we were swept up in the traditional Henna Night. It’s a night that truly captures the essence of Turkish culture – filled with dancing, laughter, and happiness. The joy in the air was palpable, with everyone coming together to celebrate the bride’s new journey. The Henna Night is not just a ceremony; it’s a festive gathering that warms the heart and soul.

Day 2: A Day Filled with Traditions and Celebrations

The following day was an immersive experience into Turkish wedding culture. The day kicked off with the bride and groom getting ready separately, the groom at the barbershop and the bride at the hair salon. The anticipation and excitement were visible on their faces.

A unique and touching aspect was the bride dressing up at her home. The Turkish parents of the bride welcomed us with an incredible Turkish breakfast. This gesture of hospitality made us feel like a part of their family, giving us a firsthand experience of the warmth in Turkish culture.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was the ‘gelin alma’ or ‘fetching the bride’, a tradition where the groom, accompanied by friends and family in a car convoy, goes to the bride’s house. Our convoy even made a spontaneous stop at McDonald’s – a blend of modern fun with tradition. The authenticity of these moments, surrounded by friends, was extraordinary.


The car convoy then moved on to more dancing and eventually to the reception and ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, encapsulating both the solemnity and the joy of the occasion. What stood out was the Turkish tradition of gift-giving, where guests pinned money on the bride and groom. It’s not just a gesture of blessing but also one of supporting the new couple as they start their life together.

The night was filled with dancing, music, and the cutting of the cake – a universal symbol of celebration. But in this Turkish wedding, every dance, every smile, and every moment felt amplified, steeped in the richness of culture and the genuine happiness of two families coming together.

A Celebration to Remember

This Turkish wedding was more than just a ceremony; it was a testament to the beauty of culture, the joy of coming together, and the universal language of love. It was a reminder that in the heart of all these traditions, rituals, and celebrations, lies the simple yet profound love between two people, ready to start a new chapter of their life together.

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