Meet the Team

We’re Kiran and Ian, friends since high school and now partners in photography. Our journey, rooted in friendship, shapes our approach to capturing your special day. We believe in creating a comfortable and trusting environment, essential for authentic and heartfelt moments.

Our Philosophy: Friendship, Trust, Timeless Memories

  • Built on Friendship: Our bond informs our work, ensuring we connect deeply with each couple.
  • Mirroring Trust: We reflect our trust in each other to create a relaxed atmosphere, capturing genuine emotions.
  • Timeless Images: Our aim is to craft photographs that are not just pictures, but windows to your cherished memories.

Join us, Kiran and Ian, in capturing the essence of your love story, crafted with trust and friendship.

Let’s Create Lasting Memories Together!

meet Kiran

An Unforeseen Venture into Weddings

Initially, my world revolved around fashion and food photography, with wedding photography and videography being mere distant thoughts. This perspective shifted when I started capturing the weddings of close friends, including my business partner, Ian’s. It transcended mere photography; I was crafting stories, immortalizing fleeting moments. This venture uncovered a newfound passion, steering me towards the realm of wedding photography and videography.

From Stills to Motion

At Walking Weddings, I am more than a photographer; I am a visual storyteller, seamlessly integrating the art of stills with the enchantment of motion. Each wedding unfolds as a unique narrative, an opportunity to encapsulate your special day’s essence in both photographs and videos. My approach is heartfelt, focusing on weaving a story that captures the emotions, atmosphere, and distinctive moments of your day.

Philosophy: Empathy and Authenticity in Every Frame

My philosophy melds the power of photography with the dynamism of videography. Establishing a deep connection with each couple is pivotal, understanding their story, personality, and vision. This empathy enables capturing the authenticity of their relationship in every frame and scene. Wedding photography and videography are about telling your story, capturing not just visible moments but also the subtle nuances and unspoken emotions. My goal is to create a setting where you can be completely yourself, allowing your genuine selves to unfold in both stills and motion.

meet Ian

A Skeptic Turned Believer

Once a skeptic about the importance of a professional wedding photographer, my perspective took a complete turn during my own wedding. Hesitant at first, I trusted my business partner and friend, Kiran, with capturing the day. The result? I was astounded by the beautiful memories that were created, moments frozen in time that I now cherish deeply. This experience ignited my passion for wedding photography, leading me to where I am today.

Self-Taught, Heart-Led

As a self-taught photographer, my approach is grounded in genuine passion and a fresh perspective. I believe in the power of photography to tell stories, evoke emotions, and preserve the essence of one’s wedding day.

Philosophy: Building Trust, Crafting Memories

My philosophy is simple yet profound: I aim to truly know each couple I work with. Building a relationship of trust is key to creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourselves. This connection is what allows me to capture your love story in its most authentic and beautiful form.

For me, wedding photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about capturing the essence of your unique bond. It’s about the subtle glances, the spontaneous laughter, and the unspoken emotions. My goal is to make you feel at ease, almost forgetting the camera is there, so that your true selves shine through in every image.

Our philosophy intertwines the empathy and authenticity of visual storytelling with the depth of personal connections, focusing on capturing the subtleties and genuine emotions of each couple's unique love story. We believe in building trust and understanding, allowing for natural and heartfelt moments to be captured, creating timeless memories that resonate with the essence of your special day.
Kiran & Ian

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