Couple Shoot

Boracay & Coron, Philippines

Afternoon Romance and Adventure: An Engagement Shoot in Boracay and a Journey to Coron’s Kingfisher Park

Embarking on the journey of capturing couple shoots is always a unique adventure, and this was beautifully illustrated in two distinct sessions in the Philippines. The first was a lively engagement shoot on the sunny beaches of Boracay at around 3 pm, characterized by the vibrant light of the early afternoon, and the second was a serene experience at Kingfisher Park in Coron, marked by a journey that revealed the adventurous spirits of the couple.

Boracay’s Beach: A Vivid Afternoon Engagement

The engagement shoot in Boracay unfolded under the bright afternoon sun, far from the muted tones of the golden hour. This timing brought out the vivid colors and dynamic energy of the island, perfectly mirroring the excitement and joy of the couple. The bustling beach scene, with its sparkling waters and white sands, provided a lively and colorful backdrop, emphasizing the celebratory mood of their engagement.

Their love story was captured against this picturesque setting, showcasing their playful interactions and heartfelt moments, all under the brilliance of the afternoon sun. The vivid hues of the beach and the clear sky created a lively and joyous ambiance, ideal for an engagement shoot that was as vibrant as the couple’s journey together.

Coron’s Kingfisher Park: A Tranquil Retreat

The experience in Coron presented a different facet of love. The couple’s choice to travel to Kingfisher Park, a journey that was an adventure in itself, reflected their love for exploration and nature. This peaceful haven, known for its lush landscapes and quiet ambiance, offered a stark contrast to the lively beaches of Boracay.

Upon arrival at Kingfisher Park, the couple was surrounded by the natural beauty of Coron – from the dense greenery to the rustic charm of bamboo huts that blended seamlessly with the environment. The park’s serene atmosphere, coupled with the soft afternoon light, provided a tranquil and intimate setting. This was ideal for capturing the couple’s deep connection and the serene moments they shared, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature.

Capturing Love in Varied Afternoon Settings

These two shoots, though both set in the afternoon, highlighted different aspects of love and companionship. Boracay’s vibrant beach scene captured the excitement of an engagement, while the quiet natural beauty of Kingfisher Park in Coron offered a glimpse into the couple’s shared love for tranquility and adventure.

As a photographer, these experiences were not just about capturing beautiful scenes but also about telling the unique stories of each couple. Whether amidst the lively atmosphere of Boracay’s beach or the serene environment of Kingfisher Park, each setting offered a unique canvas to portray the couple’s journey, making my role in capturing these moments both exhilarating and profoundly rewarding.


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